Bad Santa 2 is a 2016 Christmas dark comedy crime film. A sequel to the 2003 film Bad Santa, the film stars Billy Bob Thornton, Tony Cox, Brett Kelly, Kathy Bates, and Christina Hendricks, and features criminals Willie and Marcus again teaming up to work as Santa and an elf, respectively, this time to rob a Chicago charity on Christmas Eve.

Principal photography began on January 11, 2016 in Montreal, and the film was released in the United States on November 23, 2016 by Broad Green Pictures. It received generally negative reviews and grossed $24 million worldwide slightly against its $26 million budget (less than a third of the original film's $76.5 million), failing at the box office.


Set 13 years after the first film, Willie Soke remains depressed as ever, upset his "happy ending" did not pan out, as he is again addicted to sex and alcohol. As he tries, and fails, to kill himself, he is visited by Thurman "The Kid" Merman, who has just turned 21 and works at a sandwich shop. Unfortunately, Thurman's father has abandoned him and his grandmother has passed on two years before - making Willie the closest thing to family he has left. Thurman delivers to Willie a package containing a large sum of cash, and Willie soon finds out it's from Marcus, his former partner who has been released from jail after the events 13 years earlier. Marcus, expressing sincere remorse for betraying Willie, tells Willie he has an opportunity in Chicago, a deal that can potentially net them millions, though he is unwilling to disclose the name of his contact. Willie reluctantly agrees, while unsuccessfully trying to help Thurman lose his virginity before he leaves for Chicago.

Upon their arrival, Willie is annoyed to learn that not only is a target of the con a charity, but that his estranged mother, Sunny, who uses "shit stick" as a term of endearment for Willie, is Marcus's contact. Willie reluctantly agrees, since Sunny is suffering from early stages of Parkinson's Disease, though he secretly makes a deal with Marcus to cut Sunny out when the time comes. Forced to don the Santa suit once more, Willie is arrested when he beats up another Santa (after a misunderstanding causes Willie to think the other Santa is a pedophile) but is bailed out by one of the charity's founders, Diane. Though she wants to fire Willie for his behavior, she relents when he agrees to attend AA meetings with her. Diane's husband Regent, who also runs the charity and is cheating on Diane with his secretary, orders his head security guard Dorfman to track and follow Willie, becoming suspicious of how much time he's spending with Diane.

Meanwhile, Marcus, after doing recon work, tries to seduce Gina, another security guard so he can obtain the keys to Regent's office where the charity's safe is kept but he fails to do so as Gina is high maintenance. Elsewhere, while Willie starts a sexual relationship with Diane, he and Sunny start to bond, especially when they pull a job just between the two of them, robbing a mansion with Willie posing as Santa and Sunny as Mrs. Claus. Bonding over their haul afterward, Sunny gives Willie a gun so he can betray and take revenge on Marcus despite Willie's insistence that Marcus has changed.

Thurman soon arrives in Chicago, having followed Willie to the city. Willie at first considers leaving him at a laundromat but soon takes him to the shelter at the charity. Thurman ends up joining the children's choir, which is set to have a concert on the night of Willie, Sunny and Marcus's heist. Willie soon encounters Gina, who, thanks to Sunny's prodding, believes Willie wants to sleep with her. They have sex in the bathroom of a bar, and Willie obtains the keys. On the night of the show/robbery, Willie catches Thurman singing, which makes the kid very happy. As Willie cracks the safe, Marcus is about to betray him again, but they escape just as Regent and Dorfman discover the con. However, Sunny reveals she is betraying them both, telling Willie the bullets in the gun she gave him are blanks before shooting Marcus. She tries to escape by disappearing into a crowd of people dressed as Santa at an outdoor party. Willie, Regent and Dorfman chases her; despite her blending in, Willie catches her and attempts to take the bag of stolen cash by saying the kids need it more. In their struggle, the bag is torn open and the money goes flying into the crowd. Enraged, Sunny attempts to shoot him again, but hits Thurman in his behind instead. Both Sunny and Willie are arrested, but Willie is not charged due to his help in catching Sunny. While he recovers, he is visited in the hospital by Diane who wakes him up with manual pleasure.

Willie soon takes a job as a janitor at the charity, where he continues to visit Thurman and accepts him as family. He also visits an injured Marcus, proceeding to "tea bag" him and post pictures of him doing so on Instagram, as revenge against Marcus for doing the same thing to him.



Song titlePerformed by
"Santa Claus is Back in Town"Elvis Presley
"(There No Place Like) Home for the Holidays"Joy Williams
"Merry Merry Christmas"Louise Goffin
"Winter Wonderland"Bob Dylan
"Joy to the World"
  • Alec Gould (arranger)
  • Steve Morrell (arr.)
"Up on the Housetop"
"Donde Esta Santa Claus"Toni Stante
"It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year"Andy Williams
"Santa Claus Wants Some Loving"Albert King
"Pop That Pussy"The 2 Live Crew
"12 Days of Christmas"Frederic Austin (arranger)
"Deck the Halls"S. Morrell
Léo Delibes (composer)
"Frosty the Snowman"Ray Conniff
"Turn Da Beat Up (Remix)"Big Freedia
"Jingle Bells"S. Morrell (arranger)
"Jingle Bell Beat"
"Hark! The Herald Angels Sing"
"Nutcracker - March"Peter Tchaikovsky (composer)
"Silent Night"
  • Jon-Paul Cunningham
  • S. Morrell (arranger)
"Nocturne In E Flat Major, Op.9 No.2"Frédéric Chopin (composer)
Craig Richey (performer)
"God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen"
"Please Let Me Be Your Santa Claus"William Clarke
"Top Of The World"CFO$
"To Life"Ansolo
feat. Too Many Zooz
"What Christmas Means to Me"CeeLo Green
"Me vs. Frosty"Moz


Billy Bob ThorntonWillie Soke (adult)
Kevin Fyfe (uncredited)Willie Some (young)
Kathy BatesSunny Soke
Tony CoxMarcus Skidmore
Christina HendricksDiane Hastings
Brett KellyThurman Merman
Ryan HansenRegent Hastings
Jenny ZigrinoGina De Luca
Jeff SkowronDorfman
Cristina RosatoAlice
Mike StarrJolly Santa
Octavia SpencerOpal
Ranee LeeChoirmaster
Selah VictorBreast-feeding Mom
Lombardo BoyarValet boss
Dean HagopianCostume greeter
Marc-André BoulangerTattooed Jail dude
Sean DevineJail guard
Maria HerreraBus Driver
Christopher TysonAA meeting Jason
Tyrone BenskinAA group leader
Bineyam GirmaPedicab driver
Valerie WisemanGreta
Arthur HoldenButtslap Santa
David CorreaPeeing Boy
Violet ReidGrand Rapids
Ethan CaminskyVideogame Boy
Daniela De GregorioGirl with Stuffed cow
Piper DaviesGirl with Penguin
Noah TranHand grenade Boy
Kyle SwitzerAngry Drugstore worker
Huntington DalyFord Mustang Owner
Clarrel Pope
Jason Brillanties
Linda NourseVolunteer greeter
Frank FiolaBartender
Jason CavalierChicago Policeman
Vlado Stokanic
Richard Anderson
Santa-Con bouncers
Dany WisemanPiano player
Nora Allison, Charlotte Birdgena,
Atouel Chertkoft, Gabriel Dodin,
Simon Julien, Alexandre Mikaelian,
Adora Okeke-Marchand,
Joséphine van Dongen,
Zéphyr Bielinski, Mako Capuano,
Kim Colsell, Olivier Garberi,
Ciara L'Éclair, Leanne Montplaisir,
Chloé Sheperd, Layth Winter,
Alyssia Bilodeau,
Lou Chalifoux-Chabot,
Loujayn Dahoui, Willa Jones,
Kiara Lemieux, Tobias Murray,
Diana Tovar, Jonathan Zitouni
Giving City Children's Choir
Uncredited actors/actresses
Alexandre BélangerHomeless
Donald CharestH. Scott (Security guard)
Sienna FeghouliBaby
Raphael FerlandPoor Kid
Josh Harp, Terry SmithBad Tinder Dates
Philippe HartmannJingle Bells Man
Habree LarrattGirl
Christine MaoChinese Gangbanger
Galia Oliel-SabbagSkate Park Girl
Emilie PaquetConcertgoer
Heather SandersonXmas prostitute
Keven Stever-LevesqueArresting Officer #1
Nathaly ThibaultMother with twin girls

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