Christmas really bugs him!

Bahum Bug is the upcoming CGI animated movie from Dream Machine Animation (DMA), a division WowNow Entertainment, that will premiere directly-to-DVD on November 29, 2019. It is not related to A Christmas Carol's protagonist Ebenezer Scrooge's trademark quote "Bah, humbug".


Bahum Bug, the wealthiest and grumpiest bug in all the North Pole, has hatched a nasty plan to wrest control of Christmas from Santa himself! With the help of his ogre, Gruff, they steal the famed Naughty-or-Nice list, threatening to turn Christmas morning upside down! Springing to action, Santa's loyal reindeer and elves - and a bear named Lug - scour the snowy tundras to recover the list, and save their beloved Christmas

Meanwhile, high up in his crumbling castle, Bahum Bug counts down the last minutes of Christmas Eve, eagerly waiting to seize control of the world's biggest holiday… until three visitors come calling to show him the error of his ways!

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