Balthazar Cavendish and Vinnie Dakota are a pair of supporting characters from the Disney animated television series Milo Murphy's Law. They are a pair of agents of the Bureau of Time Travel from the year 2175, given the seemingly inconsequential duty of protecting pistachios, the favorite snack of their boss, Mr. Block. Cavendish, the tall grey-haired one, is the more serious of the two who always attempts to ensure their mission succeeds, while Dakota, the shorter one who wears a track suit, is more laid back and cares more about incidental matters than their missions. More often than not, the pair's misadventures tend to intersect with the daily escapades of Milo Murphy and his friends, which typically results in them failing their missions (to the point that, for a while in the show's first season, Cavendish mistakenly thought that Milo was a counter-agent who was deliberately sabotaging them).

As is often the case on Milo Murphy's Law, Cavendish and Dakota star in the B-plot of the show's Christmas episode, "A Christmas Peril". It is revealed here that, at the Time Bureau's Christmas party in 2175, they get into a heated argument after Dakota ate the last egg roll, resulting in the two ending their partnership. Dakota goes on to become a famous singer, but twenty years after that incident, he and Cavendish both regret their falling out. They both get the idea to travel back to 2175 and prevent the argument from ever happening, but their attempts to stop their younger selves from even approaching the buffet table fail miserably. Eventually, they come out of hiding and explain to their past selves that they'll grow to regret the fight. The younger Cavendish and Dakota reconcile after that, resulting in their future selves vanishing from existence. At the very end of the episode, it is shown that Dakota still went on to be a famous singer, but this time, Cavendish remained his partner.

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