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Theme: Christmas
1"A Berry Bear Christmas"
2"Holiday for Everyone"
3"That's All I Want for Christmas"
4"Legend of the Winter Berry"
5"What If (There Was No Big Blue House)"
6"Woodland Valley Carols"
7"Just Listen"
8"It's Kwanzaa Time"
9"The Best Present Ever"
10"Winter Berry/Holiday Reprise"
11"In the Middle of the Winter"
Theme: Halloween
12"What Are Gonna Be for Halloween?"
13"Trick or Treat" (Part 1)
14"Bat Dance"
15"Trick or Treat" (Part 2)
16"Nothing to Be Afraid Of"
17"Trick or Treat" (Finale)
Theme: Thanksgiving
18"So Much to Be Thankful For"
19"Thanksgiving with My Friends"
20"Goodbye Song" (Full Cast Version)

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