The Beast is the male protagonist of the 1991 animated Disney film Beauty and the Beast. As the film is based on the traditional fairy tale of the same name, the Beast is based on the corresponding character from that fairy tale. In the film's story, he was once a handsome young prince who was selfish and spoiled. On Christmas Eve, an old beggar woman came to his castle, asking for shelter and offering only a single rose in return, but he turned her down; the woman revealed she was actually a powerful enchantress, who then punished him by transforming him into a hideous beast (and his servants into anthropomorphic household objects), with the only cure being that the prince needed to learn to love a woman and earn her love in return by the time the last petal on the magic rose fell off. Years later, when he imprisons an old man named Maurice for trespassing, Maurice's daughter, Belle, offers to take her father's place. Over the course of the movie, Beast finds himself falling in love with Belle and eventually learns to put her happiness before his own.

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