Best Christmas Party Ever is a Hallmark Channel original movie, executive produced by Lewis B. Chesler & David M. Perlmutter, that premiered on December 13, 2014, as part of the channel's fifth annual Countdown to Christmas event. Nominated for the 2015 DGC Craft Award for Best Sound Editing in a TV movie, it was adapted by co-EP Robert Vaughn and Kevin Commons, from the original story written by EP Chesler & Fariba Cain.


Jennie Stanton throws the best Christmas parties every year for her company, Petra's Parties. Things are a little different this year, as Petra is retiring and looks to the next generation to take over. Jennie thinks she has her new job in the bag, until Petra's charismatic nephew, Nick, shows up as "seasonal help" and his natural talent and confidence clashes with Jennie's stern work ethic and traditional values. The pair battle it out for the top job with unmistakable chemistry and symmetry, but when the new owners of the legendary Tyrell's Toys put the bottom line before Christmas spirit, threatening to pull the plug on Tyrell's Toys' annual Christmas party for the community, Jennie and Nick are forced to work together to throw the greatest Christmas party ever.


Torrey DeVittoJennie Stanton (adult)
Hallie NunesJennie Stanton (young)
Steve LundNick Forbes
Linda ThorsonPetra
Kalinka PetrieKim
Harmon WalshTodd Perry
Emily CouttsNatalie
Sean McCannArthur Tyrell
Michael ShoreJohn Mitchell
Kathy ImrieBridget
Nick BaillieJennie's Father
Danielle WatlingServer
Jason R. StroudWaiter
Richie LawrenceGeorge
Shannon Stevens
Victoria Whistance-Smith
Melissa Moore
Michael FessahaTeenager
Adrian GriffithsFather
Amy BallantyneMother

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