I believe… that the soul of man is immortal and will be treated with justice in another life, respecting its conduct in this.

— Benjamin Franklin

Beyond Tomorrow (also known as And So Goodbye and Beyond Christmas) is a 1940 American fantasy film directed by A. Edward Sutherland and originally released by RKO Radio Pictures on May 10, 1940.


Three wealthy men befriend a young couple shortly before passing on in an accident. They belatedly realize they may have caused the young couple to reject their love, jeopardizing their afterlife and the young people's future. As the holiday season approaches, the ghosts of the men, who feel they did not contribute to the world they once lived in, try their best to help the young couple reject cynical practicality and truly fall in love.


Harry CareyGeorge Melton
C. Aubrey SmithAllan Chadwick
Charles WinningerMichael O'Brien
Alex MeleshJosef
Maria OuspenskayaMadame Tanya
Helen VinsonArlene Terry
Rod La RocquePhil Hubert
Richard CarlsonJames Houston
Jean ParkerJean Lawrence
J. Anthony HughesPolice Officer Johnson
Robert HomansPolice Sergeant
Virginia McMullenRadio Station Secretary
James BushJace Taylor
William BakewellDavid Chadwick
Gino Corrado (uncredited)Alfonso (the Cook)
Nell Craig (uncredited}Suzie (the Stenographer)
Cyril Ring (uncredited}Man (Reporting No Hope for Crash Victims)
Gertrude Sutton (uncredited)Clinic Nurse
Ruth Warren (uncredited)Arlene's Maid
Dan White (uncredited)Gas Station Attendant
Hank Worden (uncredited)Hospital Visitor

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