Bill Green is the father of Cricket and Tilly Green in the Disney Channel animated series Big City Greens. After having lost ownership of his farm in the country prior to the start of the series' events, he and his kids moved to Big City to live with his mother, Alice. He is usually a level-headed man and the voice of reason in the family, but can also make some unwise decisions, as he is also very self-conscious about his place in both the city and his family.

Bill has a major role in the series' Christmas episode, "Green Christmas". He is first seen lighting the Christmas tree and having shown other trees he put around the house to Cricket and Tilly's annoyance. When Cricket and Tilly cannot baste the ham with him due to helping Cricket get back on the nice list, he turns to Nancy and Gramma, but they bail on him too upon learning they forgot to get a gift for him. When he comes upon them in the garage when trying to make him a gift, they decide to keep him busy by taking him Christmas caroling with them. The moment they get to the Remingtons' mansion, they sneak off during his solo to search the stores for a gift, and is upset when he finds out they left.

Bill goes home to spend Christmas alone, but sees a news report of an upcoming blizzard and his ex-wife, mother and children are still out there. He manages to find them one at a time, but once everyone is aboard, they are too silent to even respond to him. Bill thinks they're saving their excitement for Christmas and takes them home. On Christmas Day, bill takes a picture of the children and Nancy and Gramma confess they forgot, but Bill reveals he found the statue they made in the garage and has put it on top of the tree, and they decide to do every Christmas thing he wants to do for the rest of the day, which includes wearing reindeer antlers and noses for a silly photo.

It is implied Bill never found out about the disaster outside Hudkins, as when Cricket mentions such in the closing reprise of "The Best Part of Christmas", Bill is initially shocked, only for Cricket to quickly hide it and tell him to go on.

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