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Birdie" is the Christmas special of Angry Kid.


It is Christmas time at the supermarket, and Lil' Sis' is sitting on a chair when a bird flies by, lands on Lil' Sis' shoulder, and starts singing.

Then, Angry Kid appears with a shopping cart full of presents. Angry Kid sees Lil' Sis' listening to the bird singing. He then grabs a present and walks over to Lil' Sis'. Angry Kid begins to sing the last note of the song. He then chuckles, and sighs happily, saying "Christmas! It's time for giving, receiving...", then sees the bird fly by in his face, and finishes "...And sharing..." Suddenly, Angry Kid squashes the bird with his hands, killing it. He then throws it onto Lil' Sis' lap, and laughs evilly, saying "Go on, make yourself a badge!" He then laughs again. He also tells Lil' Sis' that there is no Santa. But then, Santa lands on Angry Kid with his large butt, crushing him. Santa then laughs, and tells Lil' Sis' that.

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