"Birds on a Plane" is the ninth Christmas episode of the British sitcom Birds of a Feather. It aired on ITV on, ironically, the day after Christmas 2014.


Dorien is treating Sharon and Tracey to a Christmas trip to the Canaries! But with Tracey's fear of flying, Sharon's hopes for adventure and Dorien's eagerness for anything in trousers...will it be plane sailing?


  • This is the first Birds of a Feather Christmas episode since "Holy Ground" 16 years previously in 1998.
  • This is also the first Birds of a Feather Christmas episode to air on ITV.


Actor/Actress Character
Pauline Quirke Sharon Theodopolopodous
Linda Robson Tracey Stubbs
Lesley Joseph Dorien Green
Charlie Quirke Travis Stubbs
Samuel James Garth Stubbs
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