Bless All the Dear Children is NBC's Christmas-themed TV movie adaptation of the book series Little House on the Prairie. Marked as the fourth and final Christmas episode of the network's developed-for-television drama, it was premiered on December 17, 1984.


Two-year-old Rose Wilder is kidnapped when she, Laura, Almanzo, and Mr. Edwards are doing some Christmas shopping in Mankato. As the adults go on a frantic search for her, someone unexpectedly comes into their midst. Back in Walnut Grove, Nels has a plan to teach his greedy daughter, Nancy, some important lessons about the true meaning of the season and the Carters, who can't afford presents for their two children, have a rough Christmas ahead of them.


Melissa GilbertLaura Ingalls Wilder
Dean ButlerAlmanzo Wilder
Richard BullNels Oleson
Victor FrenchIsaiah Edwards
Kevin HagenDr. Hiram Baker
Allison BalsonNancy Oleson
Stan IvarJohn Carter
Pamela RoylanceSarah Carter
Lindsay KennedyJeb Carter
David FriedmanJason Carter
Shannen DohertyJenny Wilder
Leslie LandonEtta Plum
Robert CasperSherwood Montague
Patricia PearcyElsa Norris
Robin ClarkePatrick Norris
Harvey VernonMr. Baker
Joel GravesSam
J.S. 'Joe' YoungBeggar
Colin HamiltonMr. Dodsworthy
Stephen RobertsDr. Langley
Kate WilliamsonNurse
Robert L. LeeTicket agent
Henry Max Kendrick
Richard Armstrong
Jack Dunlap
Garin BougiéButcher boy
Jack LilleyStagecoach driver
Ruth FosterMelinda Foster
Ike EisenmannErich Schiller
Angella KayeSchool Girl
Michael Landon (EP)Charles Ingalls
Jennifer & Michelle SteffinRose Wilder

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