Blinky Bill's White Christmas is an Seven Network movie spun off from the Blinky Bill series, based on the original book series, that premiered on Christmas Eve of 2005.


With Christmas just around the corner, everyone in Greenpatch is busily decorating the town square. Blinky Bill is up to his usual mischief and accidentally breaks Wombo's snowdome. To make amends, he decides to give Wombo a treat by creating a white Christmas in Greenpatch with real snow and a real Christmas tree. So Blinky and Flap begin a quest in search of the rare and mysterious Wollemi Pine Forest in order to cut down a tree for the village square in Greenpatch, while Splodge and Nutsy stay at home and, with a variety of outrageous experiments, try to create snow. Will they make snow it in time for Christmas Eve? Join Blinky Bill and his friends as they celebrate the magic of a traditional European White Christmas in the Australian Bush. Extraordinary!



Voice actress/actorCharacters
Robyn MooreBlinky Bill
Nutsy Koala
Marcia Marsupial Mouse
Miss Magpie
Keith ScottFlap the Platypus
Splodge the Kangaroo
Sarah Aubrey
Shane Withington

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