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Bob's Broken Sleigh is a 2015 Canadian Christmas special originally aired on the Canadian Family Channel and the Disney Channel on December 11, 2015.


Bob is a creative young elf who just wants to help out even though he has no elf magic. When Bob tries to improve Santa’s sleigh with his home made “Floatinator”, he is caught by the evil puffin Fishface and crashes the sleigh in a strange place. With the help of some new friends, Bob must repair Santa's sleigh and get home to the North Pole!


Voice actor Character
Cole Howard Bob
Bruce Greenwood Fishface
Victor Garber Fluffy
Michael Adamsthwaite Blue
Raini Rodriguez Wupsy
Colin Murdock Santa Claus
Maryke Hendrikse Muffin
Sam Vincent Pip
Gabe Khlouth Noodle
Peter Kelamis Puffin Minion #1
Terry Klassen Puffin Minion #2
Diana Kaarina Accountant Elf
Omari Newton Narwhal Leader

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