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Roberto "Bobby" Alejandro Martinez-Millan Luis Santiago, Jr. is a supporting character from the Nickelodeon animated series The Loud House, and one of the main characters in its spin-off The Casagrandes. He is a generally relaxed and easy-going teen who is Lori Loud's boyfriend, and also the older brother of Lincoln's not-so-secret girlfriend, Ronnie Anne. In his earliest appearances on The Loud House, Bobby was frequently seen working all sorts of jobs, such as being a lifeguard or a mall cop, because Lori "likes a man in uniform." Much like his girlfriend's sister Leni, Bobby is not very bright, but is also very kind and compassionate, showing unending devotion to Lori and getting along well with all ten of her siblings, though he is also known to take offense if someone harms his little sister.

During The Loud House's second season, Bobby, Ronnie Anne, and their mother, Maria, moved out of Royal Woods to live with their extended family in Great Lakes City one state over, setting up The Casagrandes and thus making Bobby's relationship with Lori (as well as Ronnie Anne's relationship with Lincoln) a long-distance one. There, Bobby now works a permanent job as the cashier at the mercado owned by his maternal grandfather, Hector Casagrande.

Appearances in Christmas specials[]

Bobby was Lori's present

Bobby mails himself as Lori's present in "11 Louds a Leapin'".

Bobby's first appearance in a Christmas special was The Loud House's second season premiere, "11 Louds a Leapin'". At the beginning of the episode, Bobby is out shopping for Lori's Christmas present when she calls him to tell him that it doesn't really matter to her what he's going to get her for their first Christmas as a couple, saying that she will always treasure whatever he gives her. Bobby, however, cannot pick out anything good enough to buy for Lori, so he instead mails himself in a giant gift box to the Loud house as his gift to her, with an attached tag saying she should open it immediately. Unbeknownst to him, though, Lori is trying to overcome her bad habit of opening her family's presents early, and thus she does not open the gift box he has packaged himself in until Christmas morning. By that point, he is quite weary from having nearly suffocated inside the box, and asks for some food and water right before he collapses from exhaustion.

Following his family moving to Great Lakes City, Bobby has a voice-only cameo in the online-exclusive Loud House short "12 Days of Christmas". When Lori first sings her line in the titular song, Bobby is heard giving her a loving Christmas greeting over the phone.

Santiagos looking forward to Las Posadas

Bobby with his sister Ronnie Anne and their father Arturo in "A Very Casagrandes Christmas".

Bobby's most prominent role in a Christmas special naturally came in The Casagrandes' Christmas episode, "A Very Casagrandes Christmas". This episode focuses on him and his sister Ronnie Anne celebrating the last night of Las Posadas with their family, including their father Arturo, who had just moved to Great Lakes City to spend more time with them several episodes earlier. However, the Casagrandes' apartment neighbors and other friends show up to the festivities, due to their own holiday plans being scuttled. As a running gag throughout the episode, Bobby keeps playing his guitar and singing lyrics that match the circumstances. He and Ronnie Anne work to find solutions for each of their unexpected guests' issues. However, they then have to go find their dad when he gets stuck inside the Hi 'n Buy supermarket (having gone there to pick up more masa ingredients due to the Casagrandes getting all those unexpected guests) after it closes. They manage to get into the supermarket, thanks to Bobby's best friend Par the delivery guy giving them the access code, but are then trapped inside thanks to a snow plow inadvertently blocking the entrance with snow. After their friends and family come to rescue them, Bobby leads them in caroling around the city as he sings his Las Posadas carol.

Live-action Bobby and Lori

Bobby with Lori in A Very Loud Christmas.

Bobby's most recent Christmas-related appearance was in the live-action movie A Loud House Christmas. At the beginning of the movie, Lori says that she's too busy at Fairway University to come home for Christmas, and mentions that she's probably just going to spend the holidays with Bobby at the Casagrandes' apartment building. Bobby is later seen when Lori calls him up, saying she needs him to drive her home to Royal Woods (and apparently forgetting that she has her own car). Since the Casagrade Mercado's delivery van is in the shop, though, Bobby opts to bring her on his delivery moped, since he's also delivering some tamales for Rosa's hairdresser. Unfortunately, the moped runs out of gas twenty miles away from Royal Woods, and Lori has to call her mom to come pick them up. After Rita picks up Lori, though, Bobby is oddly not seen again for the rest of the movie; presumably, Rita took him back to Great Lakes City, or at least to a gas station.

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