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"Book One - Satan Claus" is the first Christmas-themed episode of The Epic of Detective Mandy that was released in 1989.


A Week before Yuletide, Lucifer decides that the best way to take revenge upon God is to plan an attack upon the Home of St. Nicholas, His Wife and all of St. Nick's elf minions. Upon successfully pulling this off, Satan dresses up as Santa and reeks havoc upon all the sickeningly sweet little children of earth while supplying the really bad kids with weapons of mass destruction and strategies at how to be better at robbing, maiming, murdering,raping and torturing people ergo causing wars to ensue. Can St. Nick escape the clutches of Lucifer and put right the tides of Yule?



Actor/actress Character(s)
Jurek Grabowski Detective Mandy
Santa Claus
Slaughterhouse Drunk
Chris Flynn Lucifer
Satan Claus
Stan Grabowski Detective Randy
Jim Flynn Grandmother
Juice Boy
Kristina Grabowski Daughter
Gary Ringuette Bathroom Boy
Jason Chalkley Videogame Boy

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