Aurora remembers gifts that have already happened. Alice knows the gifts that are going to happen. I just stay in the moment and keep the two of them in line."

Bori is a female reindeer from Best Gift Ever.


Bori is the middle member of the the Gift Givers. As the existences of the gift givers has been passed down by Yak Princes, it's possible Bori is actually quite ancient despite her middle-aged appearance. She doesn't seem to have as unique of powers as her fellow gift givers, but has a more mature personality instead. When Pinkie Pie visited The Grove, she was the most down-to-earth reindeer. She helped create the "perfect gift" and later flew around the Castle of Friendship as the gift defeated The Pudding as she celebrated a job well done.


Out all the Gift Givers, Bori seemed to be the most relaxed, mature and easy going of them all. In her words, she "[keeps] the two of them in line." Like her fellow gift givers, she has a jolly, upbeat and cheerful personality with really seems to enjoy making gifts


  • In Norse mythology, Bori or Buri is the very eldest of Norse gods, and the grandfather of Odin. This is similar to real-life naming conventions for Santa's reindeer, one of whom is traditionally named Donner, which is another name for Thor himself.

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