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Broadcasting Christmas is a Hallmark Channel original movie, produced by Hybrid, that premiered on November 23, 2016, as part of the channel's seventh annual Countdown to Christmas event. Starring and executive produced by Melissa Joan Hart, it was adapted by Topher Payne from the original story written by Michael Varrati.


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Two rival reporters get caught up in a competition to see who can report the most trustworthy holiday story. The real breaking news they discover is the truth about the meaning of Christmas - it really is better to give than to receive. But unfolding before their very eyes may be the best holiday story of all…


The movie was released on DVD on October 3, 2017.


Actor/actress Character(s)
Melissa Joan Hart Emily Morgan
Dean Cain Charlie Fisher
Cynthia Gibb Patrice Montgomery
Jackée Harry Veronika Daniels
Richard Kline Stanley Morgan
Sophie von Haselberg Gina Serrato
Kathryn Scott Ruth Morgan
Joanna Howard Kate McQueen
Susan Larkin Shirley Henderson
Ashley Santos Daisy
Krista Braun Abby
Todd Litzinger Jimmy Eubanks
Stephanie Fantauzzi Allison Davenport
Joyce Cohen Sylvia Fisher
Daren Kelly Fred Fisher
Guy Olivieri George
Omar Salmon Bo
David Healy Robert Kohl
David Foley Jr. Doorman
Sarah Rich Bianca
Ren Croney Becca
Dan Tracy Toby Bradford
Bill Timoney Max
Uncredited actors
Dominic Albano
Vin Craig
Nick Austin Bartender
Juan Ayala Paul
Lisa Brevogel Holiday Shopper
Julia Drahos
Sara Harman
Rebecca Pensky
R & S Staff
Josiah Harvey Eddie
Holly Jian Stage Manager
Rupie Keil Food Drive Student
Kim Kiernan Bell Choir
Todd Marshall John Stephens (saxophonist)
Laura Maselli Cater Waiter
Gary McNerney
Rob Pawlikowski
News studio cameramen
Willoughby Pyle Davey
Regina Weisman Mrs. Claus

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