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Brothers - Emmet Otter's Jugband Christmas - The Jim Henson Company

"Brothers" is a song sung by the Frogtown Jubilee Jug Band at the talent show in Emmet Otter's Jug-Band Christmas. They had to resort to this song after Yancy Woodchuck stole their song "Barbecue" for his act. It is later mashed up with "Our World" in the song "Brothers in Our World".



Emmet, Harvey, Charlie: How much alike we are
Perhaps we're long lost brothers
We even think the same
Emmet, Wendell: You know there may be others
Emmet: We can always use a friend

Emmet, Charlie: This family just keeps growing
This family doesn't have to end

[Jug solo]
All: (2x) Brothers

Emmet, Harvey, Charlie: So many things to learn
But we'll enjoy each lesson
Problems don't worry us
Emmet, Wendell: When half the fun is guessin'
Emmet: Live a lifetime of surprise
Emmet, Charlie: We'll all become magicians
And leave the wonder in their eyes