Bush Christmas is a 1947 Australian–British comedy film directed by Ralph Smart and starring Chips Rafferty. It was one of the first movies from Children's Entertainment Films, later the Children's Film Foundation.


In the Australian countryside, five children are best friends, including a set of siblings, an English war evacuee, and aboriginal Neza. They boast to three strangers, Long Bill (Chips Rafferty), Jim (John Fernside) and Blue (Stan Tolhurst), about the mare belonging to the father of one of them. The next day the mare has gone. Suspecting the three men of stealing it, the children set off to recover it.

They discover the horse thieves and harass them by stealing their food and shoes. They get trapped when the thieves trap them in an old ghost town, but are rescued in time.


  • Chips Rafferty as Long Bill
  • John Fernside as Jim
  • Stan Tolhurst as Blue
  • Helen Grieve as Helen
  • Nick Yardley as Snow
  • Morris Unicomb as John
  • Michael Yardle as Michael
  • Neza Saunders as Neza
  • Pat Penny as father
  • Thelma Grigg as mother
  • Clyde Combo as Old Jack
  • Edmund Allison as policeman
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