Buster J. Bunny is the male protagonist of the Warner Bros. animated series Tiny Toon Adventures. He is a street-smart, blue rabbit who is the leader of the Tiny Toons gang. He has to deal with the challenges of a tough school curriculum, the machinations of rich kid and local bully Montana Max, and the advances of crazed and ditzy animal lover Elmyra Duff. Like his co-host Babs, he will do anything for a laugh, though he is marginally more sane and calm than she.

As the show's main character, Buster is the protagonist of the series' Christmas special, "It's a Wonderful Tiny Toons Christmas Special". As the episode is a parody of the Christmas film It's a Wonderful Life, Buster's role in the story is based on that of George Bailey. At the beginning of the story, Buster is in charge of directing the Tiny Toons holiday special, and when he thinks Montana Max will not show up for the rehearsals, he cuts Max's part from the special. After Max sabotages the rehearsals in retaliation for this, everyone takes out their frustration on Buster, and the FOX executives give his position to Max.

Buster, feeling like a failure, decides to toss himself out of the picture, but is stopped by a "guardian toon angel" named Harvey (played by a costumed Bugs Bunny). When Buster decides that maybe things would've been better if he had never been on Tiny Toon Adventures, Harvey shows him an alternate reality where he never existed, in which Plucky Duck is the show's main star, but Acme Acres is now ruled by Max and renamed Montyville, Acme Looniversity is a 24-hour business school, and Babs is a depressed nerd who is the hapless patsy to Plucky and spends her spare time watching cartoons in the film vault. After seeing all this, Buster begs Harvey to return him to the world he knows, and after this happens, Buster is reinstated as the holiday special's director.

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