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Caillou's Holiday Movie is a 2003 direct-to-video movie, spun-off from Teletoon's animated developed-for-television show Caillou.


On Day 1 (December 13), Sarah invites Caillou to her school play, Caillou later sees Clementine. On Day 2, Caillou and family get a christmas tree. Caillou's Daddy decorates it when they get home. Later Caillou's Mommy askes Caillou and Rosie what they want for Christmas. Caillou makes out a long list, but Mommy tells him to shorten it calling him a "Me Me Boy." Caillou does so and says the thing he wants most is a space station. On Day 4, Caillou donates some of his old toys. Rosie helps too, but not quite understanding the idea, she begins making her own Christmas presents in her own way. She takes Rexy and wraps him up to give to Caillou.

Later, Caillou and Mommy takes the presents to the fire station and mail Caillou's letter to Santa. Rosie then takes Mommy's slippers and some cat food for Gilbert and wraps them. That night, Caillou can't Rexy and wonders where he is. The next morning, Caillou plays with Leo. At Leo's house, Caillou makes Christmas presents for his Mom and Dad. Leo makes Hannukah presents and then the two play outside. Later, Caillou learns about Hanukkah from Leo and they play with a dreidel.

On Day 9. Mommy, Daddy and Rosie go shopping, so Grandma comes over to babysit Caillou. Caillou continues to look for Rexy, but he can't find him. The next day Caillou and his family go to Sarah's school play. One of the boys named Jimmy, who was going to be in the play is out sick, so Caillou takes his place. A bit nervous at first, he ends up doing a good job.

On Christmas Eve, Grandma and Grandpa come to Caillou's house to get ready for Christmas Eve Dinner. On Christmas morning, Caillou wakes up early and later everyone opens presents. Caillou gets a space station and finds Rexy, and Gilbert gets the cat food. Mommy finds her slippers and Caillou gives Mommy and Daddy their presents. Everyone sings a cheery tune as the film comes to an end.


Original Score by Leon Anderson

Original Songs

# Title Lyrics by Music by Performed by
1 "Everyday" Adam Broughton Jeffrey Zahn Marilou
2 "Caillou's Christmas Song" Sara Zahn
Peter Svatek (adapter)
Annie Bovaird
3 "The Perfect Tree for Me" P. Svatek A. Bovaird
Brian Wrench
4 "Me Me Boy" A. Bovaird
Jennifer Seguin
5 "Eight Days to Go" A. Bovaird
6 "Where Christmas is Not the Same" J. Seguin
7 "A Time to Share" A. Bovaird
Pauline Little
8 "Snowflakes" A. Bovaird
James Harbour
Liz MacRae
Holly-Gauthier Frankel
9 "It's Christmas Morning" H-G Frankel
Norman Groulx
L. MacRae
Bill Rotari
10 "We Wish You a Merry Christmas" Traditional P. Little
H-G Frankel
N. Groulx
L. MacRae
B. Rotari
11 "Jingle Bells" A. Bovaird
J . Seguin
Pat Fry
Jesse Vinet
Original Songs: © 2003 CINAR Songs/Editions of the St-Andre (SOCAN)
"Everyday": © 2003 Editions of the St-Andre (SOCAN)

Voice Cast

Caillou Happy Holidays! book

The cover to the storybook adaptation.

Voice actress/actor Character(s)
Annie Bovaird Caillou
Merlee Shapiro Storyteller
Jennifer Seguin Mom
Pat Fry Dad
Brigid Tierney Clementine
Jesse Vinet Rosie
Kid Elf
Pauline Little Grandma
Elderly Woman
George Morris Grandpa
Jason Szwimer Elf
Amanda Tilson Sarah
Vince Davis Leo
Dean Patrick Fleming Fireman Eric
Liz MacRae Leo's Mom
Walter Massey Santa
Jennifer Morehouse Firewoman Stacie
Elderly Woman
Terry Simpson Mailman
Amanda Strawn Teacher Loraine
Brian Wrench Jonah


  • Starting from this movie, and later in the show, Annie Bovaird takes over as the English voice of Caillou. Jaclyn Linetsky, Caillou's previous English voice, died on September 8, 2003, not long before this movie was released.


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