Cantus the Minstrel is a Fraggle who made his first appearance on Fraggle Rock in the first season episode "The Minstrels".

An enigmatic bard, Cantus is the leader of a group of traveling musicians known as The Minstrels. He plays a magic pipe, capable of producing songs when other Fraggles simply blow into it (only if a Fraggle is in touch with their inner "song"). He has performed such songs as "Let Me Be Your Song" and "Our Melody".

His life revolves around music: whenever he plays, the flowers around him go into full bloom. But he does not play for Fraggles alone; he knows the music of the Doozers and Gorgs just as well. He has a very mysterious way of saying things, some sounding more like riddles than wisdom. Since he is a Fraggle he does occasionally let his silly side out (notably in the episode "The Honk of Honks") and is also capable of losing his temper (as seen in "The Minstrels"). In "The Minstrels", when he is about to lose his temper, he declares, "I fear I'm losing my implacable calm." The arrival of Cantus and his Minstrels is considered a time of joy and celebration in Fraggle Rock.

He appeared in five episodes of Fraggle Rock, sometimes by himself, and sometimes with the other minstrels. He is one of only two recurring characters performed by Jim Henson on the series; the other of which is Convincing John. Jim used Cantus as a demonstration on Down at Fraggle Rock: Behind the Scenes and listed Cantus as one of his favorite characters to perform.

The word "cantus" is Latin for "song."

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