Carlton "Carl" Ulysses Wheezer is one of the main characters from the Nickelodeon animated series The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron, Boy Genius. He is Jimmy Neutron's best friend who constantly ends up as a guinea pig for Jimmy's experiments.

Appearances in Christmas specials

The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron, Boy Genius

Carl plays an important role in the series' Christmas episode, "Holly Jolly Jimmy". For show-and-tell, he brings a bag with an old Cheez-Nip snack, explaining that he left out a whole plate of them for Santa Claus last year, and this was the only one he did not eat. However, Jimmy's insistence that Santa Claus does not exist greatly upsets Carl. After Jimmy's DNA tracker finds unusual DNA in the saliva on the Cheez-Nip, though, Jimmy takes Carl and Sheen to the North Pole, trying to prove his point. They end up finding Santa's toy factory, only for Jimmy to accidentally scramble Santa's atoms with his DNA tracker. Jimmy takes on the duty of delivering Santa's presents all over the world, and when it seems like they've accomplished this task, Carl is saddened by Jimmy proving his point. Then, when Jimmy realizes they forgot to deliver presents to their hometown of Retroville and his attempt to use a warp module to go lightspeed results in the rocket falling apart, Carl laughs that Jimmy failed to deliver all the presents, saying that only Santa really can do that. Santa then rescues the three boys and brings them home. On Christmas morning, Carl finds a note from Santa, thanking him for believing in him, and a pair of plastic elf ears.

Other Christmas productions

Carl also made a few cameos alongside Jimmy in the Merry Nickmas shorts, which came out during their show's first season. His most prominent role in these was in "Patrick the Snowman", in which he, Jimmy, Sheen, Cindy, and Libby build a snowman that resembles Patrick Star. Patrick is then brought to life by Jimmy's Spoofinator 4000 and annoys the kids in various ways, including continuously poking Carl with a stick. After the kids send Patrick 70 years into the future, Carl, as an old man, is shown getting poked by Patrick's stick again. Carl is also seen breakdancing in "Holiday Party". And during "The 12 Days of Nickmas", Carl, accompanied by eleven of his clones from the Jimmy Neutron interstitial short "Carl Squared", chases Jimmy offstage.

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