Charlie is a purple engine with white trim and a dark green dome. He wears the number 14. Charlie was the controller's favorite on the mainland railway that he came from. Despite his size, he is well known for being fun and ready for adventure. Charlie rarely takes things seriously; everything is fun and games to him. This can be a negative effect on the engines around him. Charlie appears to be based on a design similar to, but not identical to the Manning Wardle L Class 0-6-0ST, of which Billy is based upon. Charlie was introduced in Season 13. In his debut story, "Play Time", Charlie challenged Thomas to races around the island when Thomas needed to be doing his job. In another episode, Charlie enjoyed Thomas' game, "Splish, Splash, Splosh", which encouraged Thomas to try it on others - with bad results. Later Charlie helped Thomas in the search for a runaway kite.

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