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"Child's Christmas in Weemawee" is the two-part Christmas episode of the CBS sitcom Square Pegs, separately produced as the eleventh and twelveth episodes of its duration, but originally broadcasted as an CBS hour-long special presentation.


Part 1[]

Patty's in a quandary: should she spend Christmas in an isolated cabin with her divorced father or the way she'd prefer - with her friends at school?

Part 2[]

Patty wants to patch things up with her dad in time to still attend the all-important Weemawee Christmas party.


Actress/actor Character
Sarah Jessica Parker Patty Greene
Amy Linker Lauren Hutchinson
Merritt Butrick Johnny Slash
John Femia Marshall Blechtman
Tracy Nelson Jennifer DiNuccio
Jami Gertz Muffy Tepperman
Claudette Wells LaDonna Fredericks
Jon Caliri Vinnie Pasetta
Catlin Adams Ms. Loomis
Craig Richard Nelson Mr. Spacek
Anne Beatts Miss Rezucha
Tony Dow Ed Greene

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