The cover to the DVD release.

Chilly Christmas is a direct-to-video Christmas movie written and directed by Gregory Poppen, starring Tom Arnold, C. Thomas Howell, Karan Brar, Brooke Langton, British actor Andy Pandini and Casey Graf. It was released on November 6, 2012.


Eleven-year-old Bobby Cole and his dog Chilly are best friends, living happily in their Southern California beach house. But when Bobby's father Patrick (C. Thomas Howell), a single parent and police detective, accepts a job in New York City, they must find Chilly a new home. In an attempt to show Patrick that Chilly can be a city dog, Bobby and his friends teach him the indoor way of life. But Patrick is not convinced, and it's not until Christmas Eve when corrupt dog thief Mr. Quarterman (Tom Arnold) breaks into the family home, that Chilly and Bobby can put their new training to the test! Can they band together to save Christmas -- and Chilly's future with the family?

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