"Chris-Mess" is the fourth and final Christmas episode of the CBS sitcom Becker, produced and aired as the tenth episode of its fifth season.


Chris gets jealous when she hears from John that he is dating an editor at a leading magazine and going to spend Christmas with her in Vermont. Bob fears that a street corner Santa is out to get him. Margaret tries to cheer up Linda by having her go caroling with a church group.


TitlesPerformed by
Hattie Winston, Shawnee Smith
and the Christmas Carol Singers


Ted DansonDr. John Becker
Hattie WinstonMargaret Wyborn
Shawnee SmithLinda
Alex DésertJake Malinak
Saverio GuerraBob
Nancy TravisChris Connor
Susan GibneyHelen
Paula Mattioli
Philip Anthony-Rodriguez
Ricke V. Howell
Emily Rose MontgomeryLittle Girl
Allan GrafSanta

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