Christopher "Chris" Cross Griffin is one of the two tetartagonists (alongside Meg) of the FOX animated sitcom, Family Guy. He is the son of Peter and Lois Griffin. Chris is portrayed as fat, stupid, and occasionally disgusting. Bring 13 years old, Chris is porn-addicted and dedicated much of his free time to masturbation. Though a flunky in school, Chris has a vast knowledge of TV and film, which landed him a decent job at the Quahog Mini-Mart, where he's friends his his boss, Carl, and they converse about just that subject.



  • As mentioned by Lois in "Don't Be a Dickens At Christmas", he has a stillborn twin brother, named "Tmas". His parents planned on their names being a joke on "Christmas", but since Tmas never lived, the pun generally goes unheard of.
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