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"Christmas" is the 4th episode of Hi-5 from Series 5 on August 28, 2003, the 26th episode from Series 11 on October 5, 2009, and the 17th episode of Hi-5 House Series 2 on October 28, 2014.


Version 1[]

Nathan wraps up presents for Christmas. Charli decorates the Christmas tree. Kathleen makes a summer snowman with sand instead of snow. Charli shows her summer presents. Kellie makes Christmas truffles for Chats. Charli sets the table for Christmas dinner. Tim writes a Christmas song and he need helps to complete it. Charli writes a letter to Santa Claus. Sharing Stories: Kellie tells a story about a Christmas tree (Nathan) who lives in the beach, but in Christmas time he feels alone, until a family (Charli, Kathleen and Tim) have a picnic by his side, and a breeze takes him to the sea.

Version 2[]

Fely puts a special snack for Santa and hangs up a stocking. Lauren decorates a stocking. Stevie makes snowflakes and dresses up like one. Lauren pretends to be a snow goose and decorates a Christmas tree with snowflakes. Tim plays jingle bells. Fit Bit Tips: Stevie and Tim learn how to use a hula hoop. Casey and Chats decorate a Christmas tree with symbols that remind them previous Christmas. Lauren pretends to be a dancing angel. Sharing Stories: Casey tells a story about a Christmas eve in which Santa (Stevie) is sick and the three elves (Fely, Tim and Lauren) must find the way to deliver the presents around the world, so they call the easter bunny (Stevie).

Version 3[]

Stevie pretends to be an elf trying to perfect the shape of the candy canes he is making. Tanika and Chats decide to decorate themselves with unusual ornaments instead of their Christmas tree. Mary pretends to be a star coming down from the Christmas tree for a dance. Ainsley uses music to motivate the elves at Santa's workshop to pack the presents. Dayen crafts sock puppets as presents for the rest of Hi-5 when their stockings go missing. Mary pretends to be a reindeer preparing to pull Santa's sleigh. The Chatterbox: Chats, Tinka and the bookworms follow a trail of colourful ribbons to remember a special event that they need to celebrate.

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