"Christmas" is the first Christmas episode of the FOX dramedy Malcolm in the Middle, produced and aired as the seventh episode of its third season.


When Malcolm and his brothers destroy their Christmas ornaments, Lois punishes them by canceling Christmas and moving all the presents into the garage. The only way she will reinstate the holiday is if the boys behave impeccably for Christmas morning. Her plan works better than expected, and she is touched that her family responded so well to her challenge. Meanwhile, the boys decide that she could use this tactic for future holidays and retaliate by breaking into the garage and opening all the presents. Elsewhere, Francis is forced to visit Grandma Ida for Christmas.



Jane KaczmarekLois
Bryan CranstonHal
Christopher Kennedy MastersonFrancis
Justin BerfieldReese
Erik Per SullivanDewey
Frankie MunizMalcolm
Cody EstesYoung Malcolm
Dillon JohnYoung Reese
Matthew DunnYoung Dewey
Cloris LeachmanIda

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