"Christmas" is the Christmas episode of the NBC sitcom The Mommies, produced & aired as the twelveth episode of its first season.


A burglar visits the houses in a Santa suit.


Voice actress/actor(s)Character(s)
Marilyn KentzMarilyn Larson
Caryl KristensenCaryl Kellogg
Robin ThomasPaul Kellogg
Ashley PeldonKasey Larson
Shiloh StrongAdam Larson
Sam GifaldiDanny Kellogg
Ryan MerrimanBlake Kellogg
David DukesJack Larson
Julia DuffyBarb Ballantine
Jennifer BlancTiffany
Timothy StackDetective Malone
Rick Zieff
Robert Costanzo
Steven Barr
Tracey WalterClerk

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