"Christmas 1972" is the first Christmas episode of the ABC dramedy The Kids Are Alright, produced and aired as the eighth episode of its first season.


When Peggy’s successful brother, Tom, drops in for Christmas, Mike immediately oozes with jealousy. Thus begins Mike’s one-sided competition with Tom, using his kids as pawns to help. After Tom gives the Clearys an extravagant Christmas gift, pride prevents Mike from taking it – putting him at odds with the rest of the family. Meanwhile, Timmy mistakenly receives $100 from his great-aunt for Christmas and contemplates whether he should do the right thing or keep it. Elsewhere, Eddie forgets to get Wendi a Christmas present and panic sets in.


Mary McCormackPeggy Cleary
Jack GoreTimmy Cleary
Sam StraleyLawrence Cleary
Caleb FooteEddie Cleary
Sawyer BarthFrank Cleary
Christopher Paul RichardsJoey Cleary
Andy WalkenWilliam Cleary
Santino BarnardPat Cleary
Tim Doyle (voice)The Narrator
Michael CudlitzMike Cleary
Nat FaxonTom
Kennedy Lea SlocumWendi
Eve SigallGreat Aunt Marge
Alan WoolfGreat Uncle Walter

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