Christmas Angel (working title: The Angel Next Door , and titled as Angel at Christmas in the UK) is a GMC original movie that premiered on November 24, 2012.


The girl Olivia Mead is raised by her mother Melinda Davis alone. Her best friend is the boy Lucas, who is the son of Daphney and Jeb Conroy that work with Melinda in a bakery of their own. Near Christmas, Olivia's class has to present each Christmas wish and Olivia and Lucas believe that the abandoned house next door to Melinda's house grants the wishes provided they throw a rock at it. Soon the owner Dr. Nathan Davis wants to stop the children from throwing rocks at his house and the snoopy Olivia discovers that he is the landlord of an old lady that lives in the house. Her further investigation shows that the neighbor is Elsie Waybright, a successful jazz singer that interrupted her career and vanished. When a couple of Olivia's schoolmates fulfill their Christmas wishes, the girl believes that Elsie is an angel and she wishes a husband for her lonely mother. Meanwhile Dr. Davis gets close to Melinda, but Olivia prefers her substitute school teacher for her mother while she gets close to Elsie. What will happen until Christmas Eve?


Della ReeseElsie Waybright
Teri PoloMelinda Mead
Tamera Mowry-HousleyDaphney Conroy
Kevin SorboNathan Davis
Izabela VidovicOlivia Mead
Tyler HumphreyLucas Conroy
Jaiden KaineJeb Conroy
Rob BoltinMr. Brennan
Brock KaufmanJoey Becker
William WellsRicky Sanchez (Orphen)
Elizabeth WynneMary Margaret
Lisa ArnoldMrs. Bell
Bradley DorseySteve Dalt
Michael ScottBig Joe Becker
Naydja CojoeMalia Waybright
Henry LasterChoir Member
Katie Belle (uncredited)Jenny Pritchard
Dylan DePaula (uncredited)
Alex Johnson (uncredited)
Tori Wolsefer (uncredited)
Natalie Hultman (uncredited)Becca Holloway
Toby Nichols (uncredited)Bully/Classmate

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