"Christmas Bells and Phasm's Spells" is the Christmas episode of the Saban's television series Big Bad Beetleborgs, produced and aired on Fox Kids as the thirty-third episode of its first season.


As Christmas Day approaches, Flabber recruits the house monsters to decorate the Hillhurst House for the holidays. When Flabber discovers that Christmas gifts and trees are being stolen all over town by the Magnavors, the BeetleBorgs find them leaving a house with bags full of gifts. The superheroes return the presents to the residents and even give Jara, Noxic and Typhus each a stocking filled with gifts.


The episode was included on the Big Bad Beetleborgs: Season 1, Volume 2 DVD set, released by Shout! Factory on February 12, 2013.


Actor/actress Character(s)
Shannon Chandler Jo McCormick/Red Striker Beetleborg
Billy Forester Flabber
Herbie Baez Roland Williams/Green Hunter Beetleborg
Wesley Barker Drew McCormick/Blue Stinger Beetleborg
Traci Belushi Pippetes
Terence J. Rotolo Typhus

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