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Christmas Caper is an ABC Family Original Movie that premiered on November 25, 2007, as part of the channel's annual Countdown to 25 Days of Christmas.


It's a few days before Christmas. Double crossed by her partner and mentor Clive Henry, New York-based cat burglar Cate Dove is caught on the surveillance camera of their latest home invasion, while Clive escapes with their targeted diamond scot-free. The video shows her face clearly but the police do not know who she is. Feeling she needs to lay low while the police try to find out who she is to apprehend her, she accepts the surprise request by her estranged sister and her husband, Savannah and Brian Cooper, to sit for their their two children while they are stranded away on vacation. Despite the Coopers not knowing about Cate's criminal life, the sisters' estrangement is due to the differences in their personalities, Savannah who is the responsible one, always in control, while Cate is the irresponsible one. Cate was the Coopers' last resort, as they could not find anyone else largely due to the children's nature: precocious adolescent Annie Cooper, for who honesty is the only policy; and teenager Parker Cooper, who, like Cate, has always been in one scrape after another. The Coopers live in the small town of Comfort, Connecticut, where Cate and Savannah grew up and where Cate left the day after high school graduation never to return, until now. In Comfort, Cate affects the lives of the children, and visa versa, which may bring some Christmas spirit back into her life. Cate also reconnects with many other people from her growing up, including her high school boyfriend, Hank Harrison, who remains attracted to her. Only one of the problems with reconnecting with Hank is that he is now the town sheriff. Hank finding out about Cate's criminal life is increased by two things: Cate, who was relying on the money from the diamond theft, contemplating continuing her criminal life in Comfort to replace the value of the diamond; and a vengeful Clive on the search for her for what he believes was a double cross by her on him in return.


Title Written by Courtesy of
"Holiday" Molly Pasutti, Jamie Dunlap, & Scott Nickoley Marc Ferrari/Mastersource
"Gonna Have a Good Time" Dave Feldstein
"Shine" Stewart Foehl PS Here Music
"O Christmas Tree" Rita Retallick


Actress/actor Character
Shannen Doherty Cate Dove
Ty Olsson Sheriff Hank Harrison
Conrad Coates Clive Henry
Stefanie von Pfetten Holly Barnes
Sonya Salomaa Savannah Cooper
David Lewis Brian Cooper
Michael P. Northey Duffy Abramowitz
Josh Hayden Parker Cooper
Natasha Calis Annie Cooper
Donna White Mrs. Bradley
Jano Frandsen Hamish Thurgood
Jase-Anthony Griffith Deputy Gary
Val Cole Newsanchor
Dax Belanger Thurgood Guard
DJ Jackson Cabbie
Christina Jastrzembska Verda
Tara Wilson Café Waitress
Deni Delory Bug Buy Female Shopper
Igor Morozov Russian Fence
Dalias Blake Happy Hotel Guy
Reg Tupper Principal Grimes
Lossen Chambers Gossipy Neighbor
Iris Paluly Second Neighbor
Tyronne L'Hirondelle Jolly Guy
Rob Deleeuw Tourist
Jason McKinnon Thurgood Monitor Guy
Troy Adamson (uncredited) Mall Bench Guy

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