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Christmas Do-Over DVD Cover

The cover to the DVD release

Christmas Do-Over is an ABC Family original movie starring Jay Mohr and Daphne Zuniga. It premiered on December 16, 2006, as part of the channel's annual 25 Days of Christmas event. It is an adaptation of the short story Christmas Every Day (previously adapted as the channel's first Christmas movie), but with an adult as the protagonist.


Kevin tries to be involved with his son and ex-wife's family for Christmas. During dinner, he thought his Christmas day couldn't be more screwed; his son suddenly wishes it would be Christmas every day. After that, it's a regular Groundhog Day. Kevin learns new dance moves and can actually sing. Don't let the caroling fool you.


Actor/actress Character
Jay Mohr Kevin
Daphne Zuniga Jill
David Millbern Todd
Adrienne Barbeau Trudi
Tim Thomerson Arthur
Logan Grove Ben
Ruta Lee Granny Conlon
Nathan Webnar Short Man
Christopher Brown Little boy
Blaine Ross Little boy's father
Zach Cumer Kid on the street
Michael J. Gaeta Santa
Jack Axelrod Elderly Neighbor
Jacob Chambers Jesus Henderson
Sonia McDancer Mary Henderson
Steve Hart Joseph Henderson
Jim Jansen Mayor
Brian Casey Cider Vendor
Steve Hart Joseph Henderson
David Cohen (uncredited) Vendor
Mary Grace (uncredited) Elf flutist
A.J. Holyfield (uncredited) Kid #2 - Football
Thomas A. Miller (uncredited) Gingerbread Man

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