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"Christmas Duty" is the first winter holiday episode of the ITV sitcom On the Buses, produced and aired on Christmas Day of 1970 as the fifth episode of its fourth series.


Once again Jack and Stan are in Inspector Blake's bad books for using the bus to collect Christmas presents so, when a husband-and-wife crew report sick, he has them working on Christmas Day. Mum has cooked the turkey but to save Stan walking home Arthur agrees to collect him in the combination. But Arthur has had too much Christmas spirit and Olive agrees to drive, with Arthur and Mum to supervise. Unfortunately, she crashes the bike and when they all get home the fire brigade has been called and the turkey is burned to a cinder.


Actor/actress Character
Reg Varney Stan Butler
Doris Hare Mum
Bob Grant Jack Harper
Stephen Lewis Inspector Blake
Michael Robbins Arthur Rudge
Anna Karen Olive Rudge
Roger Avon Policeman
Ursula Mohan Joyce
Eunice Black Rosie

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