"Christmas Mail" - Ashley Scott - A.J

"Christmas Mail" - Ashley Scott - A.J. Buckley - Rolonda Watts

Christmas Mail is an Ion Television original movie starring Ashley Scott and A.J. Buckley. Presented and distributed worldwide by MarVista Entertainment, it premiered on December 15, 2010.


Sparks fly during the holidays when Postman Matt Sanders meets mysterious new coworker Kristi North. As an official “Santa Writer”, Kristi is buried in children’s letters to Santa. Her job—to respond to every letter addressed to St. Nick. Their petty boss is suspicious of this new employee and enlists a reluctant Matt to spy on her. The more Matt gets to know Kristi, the more he falls for her.

After learning of Matt’s forced betrayal, Kristi is devastated and leaves the post office. Will the magic of the Christmas season be enough to bring them back together?


Song titlePerformed by
"Nutcracker March"Tchaikovsky (composer)
William Rogowski
Jason Bradley
  • "Beautiful Christmas Day"
  • "Dreamy Christmas Time"
Antoinette Tredanary
"Split Second News"
"Auld Lang Syne"
"Matt's Mad Guitar Licks"Matt Waldrum
"Christmas Time"Sonny Ellis
"December Ballad"Milton
"Hey Mr. Kringle"Jill Freeman
"I Will Always Remember This Christmas"Michael Young
"Unglued"Jen Meller
  • "Christmas In The Square"
  • "Meeting By Chance"
Studio Musicians
"Window Shopping"Andre Mayeux
  • "Made For Love"
  • "The Day You Walked Into My Life"
  • "You Mad The Difference In Me"
Rick Riso
"A Magical Workshop"String Planet
"Jolly Ol' St. Nick"


Ashley ScottKristi North ("Santa Writer")
A.J. BuckleyMatt Sanders (Postman)
Lochlyn MunroRichard Fuller
Rolonda WattsSally Covington
Vanessa EviganHeather
Piper HarrisEmily
Ron RoggeHunt
Lisa LongLana
Nick RobertsMysterious Letter Carrier
Danielle KennedyLandlady
Howard FongDelivery Man
Paris TanakaHarried Mom
Mimi CozzensMrs. Johnson
Sean Ridgway (uncredited)Band Member (Bassist)


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