"Christmas Party" is the third Christmas episode of the ABC sitcom The Wonder Years, aired in the show's fifth season.


The Arnolds throw their annual Christmas party, but after things just aren't the same with their guests, this may be their last. Jack's old war buddy, Bill Foster (Parker Whitman), shows up without his wife, Marsha, but with his young girlfriend, Carol (Kimberley Kates), instead. Jack's golf buddy, Lou (David Selberg), stopped drinking and Al Wannamaker (Marty Zagon) has a coughing attack. Neighbor Ed Ermin (Ben Slack) gets away from his wife (Candice Azzara) and everyone else when he makes himself at home by smoking marijuana in the basement. After Kevin and Wayne get back from a soda run, they find all the guests have left and their parents are curled up by the fire; they just wanted to be alone.


The episode was made available on The Wonder Years: The Complete Series DVD set, released by StarVista and Time-Life on September 29, 2014.

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