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This article is about the 2012 Hallmark Channel original movie. For other uses of The Christmas Song, see the disambiguation page.

Christmas Song is a Hallmark Channel original move that is premiered on November 3, 2012, as part of the channel's annual Countdown to Christmas event.


When budget cuts force the merger of two New York City high schools, two music teachers aim to compete in the largest, televised Christmas Carol competition that will determine the fate of the school's music program and the teachers' jobs.

Though two schools have recently merged into one, students at the newly formed Carter-Cresswell Academy have yet to blend into one harmonious body. Particularly for the award-winning choral groups of the two former schools, old rivalries die hard. Music teachers Diana Deason and Ken Stoddard are forced to compete for a single music department position by entering dueling musical acts in a televised Christmas song competition.

The success of either group will determine the fate of the music department and will determine who will get the job as the school's only music director. As the musical teams duke out their differences at the competition and in the school halls, sparks begin to fly between Diana and Ken; romantic and otherwise. Confused by these sentiments, Diana is forced to reevaluate her priorities and choose what is really worth fighting for.


Actress/actor Character(s)
Natasha Henstridge Diana Thiessen
Gabriel Hogan Ken Stoddard
Amanda Thomson Liz Strait
Brittany Adams Amy Barnes
Jack Ettlinger Billy Warren
Kent Nolan Carlo
Brigitte Robinson Principal Jessica Gedler
Ramona Milano Jill Hammond
Joel Keller Gary
Pam Hyatt Estelle Barlow
Ruth Marshall Mrs. Barnes
Ben Mulroney Emcee
Kailea Banka (Female)
Devon Youngs Male)
Bad Singers
Chanelle Larocque Dynamic Duo


  • This was Kent Nolan's final acting role before his death on September 8, 2014 at the age of 24.

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