The "Christmas Special" of the BBC series S Club 7.


The band is to go back to England over Christmas and New Year's. To get airplane and present money, Bradley is a small Santa, Tina is the back of a reindeer, Paul is the front of the reindeer, and Hannah, Rachel, Jon, and Jo are elves. Their "Ebenezer Scrooge" boss is constantly on their backs, nagging and putting pressure on them. On their last day of work, they get fired because Hannah and some other elf constantly kiss (there are children present), Jo called a girl who disrespected her mother a spoiled brat, and the others because he said so. They are a bit sad because they do not have money for presents, but they decide to make the best of it. Paul, Hannah, and Bradley are going to pick up plane tickets before the band's gig, Paul loses control of the brakes, and the car swerves off the road. Jo is angry because the others are late, but they find out about the accident, they are worried. Hannah and Bradley are okay, but Paul lost his memory. The band tries everything they can to help him, but nothing works. The doctor says he has to stay in Los Angeles. They decide to stay and have Christmas there. On Christmas Day, Paul is sitting in a park and some man says something about brakes, making him remember the accident. As he remembers what happened, he meets the others, telling them he is cured, and they perform their gig in the park.

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