Christmas Spirit, Are You There? is the seventh original song from Nature Cat: A Nature Carol.


Nature Cat:
What is Christmas spirit?
I really thought I knew
Thought that it was wrapped in gifts
And stuffed in stockings, too
Why is it so far away?
Why can't I find the reason?
How come I can't catch that spirit
Of the Christmas season?
Christmas spirit, don't you care?
Christmas spirit, fill the air
Christmas spirit, please come through
Christmas spirit, I need you!
It's not twisted in a candy cane
Not baked inside a pie
It's not lit up in a window pane
Or in a garland hanging high
Christmas spirit, are you there?
Christmas spirit, please come share
Christmas spirit, time to start
Christmas spirit, fill my heart!
It's the feeling that you want to give
Don't care if you recieve
It's the feeling that you want to share
That's the spirit, I believe
It's the feeling that you want to care
For the Earth and all that grows
For animals and friends
And trees in the meadows
Christmas spirit, you are there
Christmas spirit, everywhere!
Christmas spirit, I can see
Christmas spirit, you're in me

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