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"Christmas Story" is the Christmas episode of the CBS sitcom The Andy Griffith Show, originally aired as the eleventh episode of the show's first season.


Ben brings a batch

Ben brings a batch to the jail.

On Christmas Eve, Weaver's Department Store owner Ben insists that Andy jail moonshiner Sam Muggins. Weaver has brought along a jug of moonshine as evidence of Sam's wrongdoing. Andy complies with Weaver's request but feels it's only fair that Sam's wife Bess and his two young children be incarcerated as well since they all knew Sam's moonshining.

With the Muggins family in jail, Andy, Barney, Aunt Bee, Ellie, and Opie prepare a feast with all the trimmings for the family and decorate a Christmas tree.

Barney dresses up as Santa

Barney dresses up as Santa Claus.

Peeping at the window, Ben Weaver is touched by the Christmas spirit and tries to get himself arrested to join the fun. Andy only arrests Weaver after he falls off a drink crate while watching Barney come in dressed as Santa Claus in the alley.

Before taking Ben to jail, Andy allows him to go back to his store where Ben picks up a suitcase. When they arrive at the courthouse, we learn that Ben's suitcase is full of gifts from his store. Ben is welcomed and regaled with food and drinks. Weaver falls asleep in one of the jail cells after finishing the jug of Sam's moonshine.



The episode was made available on VHS by UAV Corporation on October 30, 1992. Later, CBS Home Entertainment through Paramount Home Entertainment included the episode on The Andy Griffith Show: The First Season DVD set in 2004. It was also featured on the Holiday Treats: TV Sets compilation DVD, released in 2008. It was made available in high definition on The Andy Griffith Show: The First Season Blu-ray set, released on May 6, 2014, as well as on the Complete Series Blu-ray set, released on December 7th. A colorized version was released on DVD on October 4, 2016, with another episode, "The Pickle Story", also included.


Actor/actress Character
Andy Griffith Sheriff Andy Taylor
Don Knotts Deputy Barney Fife
Ron Howard Opie Taylor
Frances Bavier Aunt Bee Taylor
Elinor Donahue Ellie Walker
Will Wright Ben Weaver
Sam Edwards Sam Muggins
Margaret Kerry Bess Muggins
Joy Ellison Effie Muggins
Kelly Flynn Billy Muggins
Unknown Jim

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