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A Charlie Brown Christmas - Opening


Vince Guaraldi Trio - Christmas Time Is Here (Vocal)

"Christmas Time is Here" is the opening song from A Charlie Brown Christmas, written by Lee Mendelson and Vince Guaraldi. Sung by the choir of St. Paul's Episcopal Church, it is heard as Charlie Brown and Linus join the rest of the gang in ice skating on the frozen pond. Two versions of it appear on the special's soundtrack album - the vocal version as heard at the beginning of the special, and a six-minute instrumental version which appears as background music during the special. The instrumental version was later used, rearranged by David Benoit, in It's Christmastime Again, Charlie Brown and I Want a Dog for Christmas, Charlie Brown.

In Charlie Brown's Christmas Tales, Snoopy switches to playing the song on the accordion, with Woodstock whistling in unison, after Lucy points out that his first choice, "Oh! Susanna", doesn't sound like something to play at Christmas time as she walks by with Linus.

In The Peanuts Movie, the kids are briefly heard caroling the song when Snoopy, fantasizing that he's a World War I Flying Ace, sneaks in amongst them.

In the retrospective special It's Your 50th Christmas, Charlie Brown, Sarah McLachlan performed the song, accompanied by the All-American Boys Chorus.


Christmas time is here
Happiness and cheer
Fun for all that children
Call their favorite time of year
Snowflakes in the air
Carols everywhere
Olden times and ancient rhymes
And love and dreams to share
Sleigh bells in the air
Beauty everywhere
Yuletide by the fireside
And joyful memories there
Christmas time is here
We'll be drawing near
Oh that we could always see
Such spirit through the year

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