Christmas World: The Bird's Christmas Carol is a feature-length "video storybook" from WowNow Entertainment's Once Upon a Tale Entertainment division. It is based on the novel by Kate Douglas Wiggin, who privately published in 1887 before it got released two years later.


In the opening titles, the camera drifts away from the sky to Santa's cottage in the North Pole. Inside, Santa is reading a book while waiting for a email to arrive on his laptop. Since he doesn't get the email this time, he and his elf takes off on Santa's sleigh as the opening title fades in.

In the prologue, Santa, now in his house, and his other elf is talking to three reindeer (one of them is his reindeer friend Barnaby) about how flying around in his sliegh is a lot of fun. Barnaby suggests to Santa what shall they do since they're done delivering presents on this Christmas Eve flight. Santa replies to him that Christmas is not over, and there's a ton more fun to be done in the North Pole. Barnaby has a idea for telling Christmas stories, and Santa immediately agrees with him, and Santa tells him to hold on to his antlers as they head off to the North Pole. It cuts to Santa dropping a present from his sleigh, as flies on reindeer-driven sliegh across the moon (same as A Frozen Christmas). Then, it fades to the opening title sequence for "The Birds Christmas" from Santa World: Christmas Bedtime Stories, but with "Carol" added in under the title.

For 1 hour, 18 minutes and 50 seconds, the female narrator reads the story, as visuals change from the Christmas gathering from Santa's house and to accompany story illustrations.


Voice actress/actor Character Note
Stacy Singer Santa Actually voiced by
KJ Schrock
Scott Lane Gargoff Credited from Bigfoot
by their mistake
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