"Christmas and the Hard-Luck Kid" is the first Christmas episode of the 1960s sitcom That Girl, aired in the show's first season.


Donald Hollinger is waiting in line with children and their parents to see a department store Santa Claus, where Ann is working a side job as one of his helpers. While on line, he meets a woman who just so happens to be bringing a present to her because of a good deed she did for her son Tommy. During her break, she and Donald sit down for lunch and Ann explains that three years earlier she worked at a drama teacher at a boarding school somewhere in Upstate New York. The boy whose mother brought the present for him couldn't go home to see his parents, because his mother is an actress who is on the road. Feeling bad for the boy, Ann offers to take him to the Marie house for Christmas, but the headmaster, Mr. Merriman, insists that he stay out of fear that their insurance company would cancel their coverage, should anything happen to Tommy. Instead, Ann offers to spend Christmas with him at school. As the sky grows dark, Tommy and Ann anxiously await snow, but instead the thunder brings a huge rainstorm.

The activities consist of making jelly sandwiches, playing games and decorating the school's Christmas tree. The games include checkers, basketball, chasing each other around the school, and hide-and-go seek. Another student named Roger Green, a friend of Tommy's comes over to visit and plays with both of them, but later goes home, much to Tommy's dismay. Ann decides to call Roger's family and talk them into inviting Tommy over to their house for Christmas, and he gladly accepts the offer. However she starts to feel lonely. Later while talking to her father on the phone about how his Christmas had improved, Tommy returns with a large plastic toy truck that the Green family gave him. Though the family is Jewish, they decided to throw an elaborate Christmas party just for him. Donald is impressed by her story, but she finds she has to go back to work and tend to a crying baby who's frightened over sitting on Santa's lap.



Actor Character
Marlo Thomas Ann Marie
Ted Bessell Donald Hollinger
Lew Parker Lou Marie
Christopher Shea Tommy Phillips
John Fiedler Mr. Merriman
Robert Carradine Sam McGuire
June Vincent Tommy's mother
Gerald Michenaud Roger Green
Don Keefer Mr. Carson

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