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Christmas in Cartoontown (titled on DVD as Night Before Christmas... in Cartoontown) is the 1996 DtV special from the UAV Gold collection series. Presented by UAV Entertainment and premiered on VHS for the 1996 Holiday season, it features the fairy tale characters from previous UAV Gold titles, up until this point, with a new Christmas story.


'Twas the night before Christmas,… and reindeer couldn't fly!!

Every year, Irv the elf is in-charge of helping the reindeer fly. But this year, he is trapped in a plastic snow globe by a mysterious shadow. Now, it's up to Heidi, Alex, and their favorite fairytale heroes (Snow White, Cinderella, Pinocchio, and Jack (from the Beanstalk)) to discover the true meaning of Christmas, and save Christmas in Cartoontown.

Original songs

Music by Megan Cavallari
Lyrics by David Goldsmith

Character voices

Voice director: Peter Fernandez
Voice actor/actressCharacter(s)
Alex PettusAlex
John Beach
Kimberly Brown
Oliver ClarkSanta Claus
Spencer Clark
Donna Coney Island
Laura Dean
Bob Kaliban
Brad KaneJack
Singing Elf
Barbara Jean Kearney
Liz Moses
Denis Predovic
Timothy Reifsnyder

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