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Christmas in Connecticut is a 1992 TNT movie by Turner Pictures that is a remake of the 1945 film of the same name, directed by Arnold Schwarzenegger, and starring Dyan Cannon and Kris Kristofferson, that premiered on April 13, 1992.


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Elizabeth is the star of a successful cooking show and author of several cookbooks. Alexander, her manager, sees a heroic forest ranger named Jefferson on the television news, saying he has lost his cabin in a fire and wishes he could get a home-cooked Christmas dinner. Alexander arranges for Elizabeth to do a special live show on Christmas, where she will cook a Christmas dinner for Jefferson. In reality, Elizabeth can't cook and trying to keep Jefferson and the viewing public from finding out may be a little difficult, especially on a live show.


Actress/actor Character(s)
Dyan Cannon Elizabeth Blane
Kris Kristofferson Jefferson Jones
Tony Curtis Alexander Yardley
Richard Roundtree Prescott
Kelly Cinnante Josie
Gene Lythgow Tyler
Jimmy Workman Kevin
Vivian Bonnell Norah
David Arnott Crazed Director
Toni Attell Food Stylist
Jenee Bandler Kevin's Mother
Bob Braun Sam Simon
Sonny Davis Captain Marsh
Judy Forrester Billy's Mother
Wendle Josepher A.D.
Michael Potter
Peter Kent
Police Officers
Robert Machray Potter
Robert Noble Kevin's Father
George Putnam News Anchor
Mary Watson Field Reporter #2

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