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Christmas in Conway is a Hallmark Hall of Fame movie that premiered on ABC on December 1, 2013. It was notably the 250th installment of the Hallmark Hall of Fame anthology series.


Mary-Louise Parker plays Suzy Gainsborough, whose husband decides the perfect Christmas present for his beloved - but ailing - wife is a ride on a read-deal Ferris wheel, set up in their own backyard. Why? Because it was while riding one many moons ago that Duncan asked Suzy to marry him. The neighbors are not amused as the 100-foot-high mechanical monstrosity arises in the couple's backyard. But love is in the air, and not just between Suzy and Duncan. Suzy's nurse, Natalie, and a young landscaper who's helping Duncan assemble the giant Ferris wheel also fall under the intoxicating spell of romance.

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