"Christmas in Hooterville" is the sixth and final Christmas episode of the CBS sitcom The Beverly Hillbillies, aired in the show's seventh season.


The Clampetts and Jane arrive in Hooterville for the holidays, but Jethro and Drysdale stay behind. On Christmas Day, Jane calls her boss to wish him a merry Christmas, but he is in a bad mood. After he tells her that she is fired, she tells him that she could just go to work for Sam Drucker, since Jed gave him a new bank. Upon hearing this, Drysdale passes out. When he comes to, he decides he needs to go to Hooterville to save his largest account. But Jethro refuses to drive him and tells him to take the truck along with Elly May's bear, which he does. Meanwhile in Hooterville, Granny is trying to figure out if Sam has proposed to her or not and after hearing him talk to Elly May about a marriage who wants her hand, she believes he likes younger girls. So to appear younger, she dresses as a Victorian-age girl and scares bother Sam and Uncle Joe off.

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